Excel Photographers provides a wide variety of professional software to our
clients, including PDF ceration programs that are cut and paste supported.
All of our yearbook software options offer multiple user interface functions and PSPA
import with a variety of flow tools.
Our software comes stocked with professionally designed layouts with design elements
and support materials that will make your yearbook design convenient.
Variety of Layout Software

Wide Variety of Layout Software
Support of PDF Creator Tools
Cut and Paste Supported

Innovative Software

Pro Designed Content
Multiple User Interface PSPA Import and Flow Capabilities

Memento Yearbook

Memento Yearbook provides powerful, easy-to-use media tools and software packages that enable casual and professional users to achieve results that amaze and delights users. Memento Yearbook is a powerful yearbook software with easy-to-use features that are specialized for elementary, middle and high school yearbook publishing.
It streamlines the process of creating spectacular yearbooks using the latest HTML5 technology, access your yearbook on any internet-connected computer from home, school, office or even on the road. Students, teachers, parents, and yearbook team collaborate safely to collect photos, build pages, then proof & review the results.

PLIC Books

PlicBooks is a web based yearbook software that lets users, studio or school, login and work on their yearbooks from anywhere. PlicBooks is very user friendly and allows users to upload their own graphics and images to easily design yearbooks. When books are complete they are submitted to the publisher that will create an editable PDF file that can be adjusted or sent off to be printed.

Pixami - Bringing stories to life.

Pixami Yearbook Pro software is a full-featured, state-of-the-art online solution. The software has a complete set of powerful, modern features including online collaboration with adviser approval, a comprehensive set of page design and editing tools, and a full suite of professionally designed content. Pixami Yearbook Pro provides a fun and rewarding experience for the user, with a short learning curve, and a final product that they will cherish forever.

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Let Excel’s yearbook team help you with our customized image processing layout designs. If you don’t have someone to layout your yearbook, Excel can do it for you. Excel will layout the class pages for your approval and set candid and activity pages as needed. All your school needs to do is place your digital images in folders named by event and page number. There is a $6.50 charge per page for this service. Please contact us today for further details.

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